Meet Henry Farnam IV

Family History

Henry grew up in New York and Connecticut and is proud to carry the name of an illustrious New England family. Always an ambitious and creative child, he had quite a bit to live up to, as the great great Grandson of Henry Farnam (the railroad magnate and industrial engineer who was responsible for connecting New York and Chicago by railroad, the building of the first bridge across the Mississippi, allowing for the creation of the Transcontinental Railroad, and the relocation of Yale College to his estate in New Haven, where he was instrumental in turning it into an Ivy League University) and the great Grandson of Henry W. Farnam, who created the Economics Department at Yale and spent the bulk of his later life building homes and opportunities for the underprivileged. Other direct ancestors of Henry's have equally auspicious accomplishments, including an award winning Landscape photographer (Henry's father), a highly respected publisher (his grandfather), a world-renowned engineer (his maternal grandfather), and even a descendant of the first woman to graduate from Yale Medical School. Henry has long known that he has much to live up to and shares the family gene for ambition, innovation, and creation.

Early Career

Prior to becoming a writer and producer, Henry began his early career in musical theater, performing leading roles, both nationally and internationally, in such shows as Godspell (as Jesus), Into the Woods (as The Baker), Hello Dolly! (as Cornelius Hackl), A Chorus Line, West Side Story, Oklahoma, Brigadoon, and he had the distinct honor of playing Bobby Van Huesen in both The Boyfriend and in the U.S. Premiere of it’s sequel, Divorce Me Darling, as well as many other roles.

His work in musical theater led Henry to his first recording contract. His work as a recording artist includes three solo CD releases (Fall Over You, The Best Is Yet to Come, and Tribute), as well as dance singles that found great success in various New York City clubs. He premiered his Adult Contemporary “Fall Over You” CD at the Legendary Sunset Strip "Key Club" in Hollywood, with a star-studded Gala to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Reviews for the CD release and the live concerts called Henry "the voice that will melt hearts and inspire souls" and "a performer with the vocal beauty of a George Michael, the power of a Celine Dion and the stage presence of a Ricky Martin." He was featured in a number of publications as well as on the NBC Website after he featured NBC stars as special guests at his concerts in Hollywood. His work as a recording artist has also included playing the title character in the Premiere Cast Recording of Vladimir, the Dracula Musical.

Writing Career & Current Projects

Henry's work as a recording artist and concert performer in Los Angeles then led to roles on such shows as Judging Amy, Star Trek: Enterprise (2 years of recurring roles), Jack & Bobby, Crossing Jordan and others. His role on Star Trek: Enterprise also led to some stunt work and stunt driving in the films Devil’s Rejects, Fielder’s Choice, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Miss Congeniality 2. Henry is the creator and book writer of the musical Eclipse of the Heart, which he wrote to feature the music of the great Jim Steinman (MeatLoaf, Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion, etc.). A workshop production of that show quickly led to the production of a large-scale movie musical of the show, which is now in post-production. The film features the work of an impressive array of Broadway and Television/Film stars, including Adam Lambert, Shoshanna Bean, McKenzie Westmore, Stephanie Michels, Sean McDermott, Kyle Lowder, Julie Reiber and other much loved theatrical performers. Henry not only wrote the film and produced it, but he also played the starring role. And although he turned the technical direction of the film over to another, he worked side by side with that Director, taking on the role of directing the actors in many of the more complicated emotional scenes.

Henry then moved directly into the development of a television series, called “She’s All Mine”, in which he merged Sitcom with a one hour Dramedy format, to create an ensemble show that has been called “Three’s Company meets Will & Grace meets Ugly Betty”. Upon finishing writing 2 full seasons of this new show, he continued to write and develop many new projects. A meeting with Donna Summer led to the development of the book for a new Broadway musical featuring her music. Prior to her tragic death, Donna Summer told Henry: “God brought you to me… your story is what I’ve always dreamed my music could become as a Broadway show.” His other projects include an epic World War II coming of age film (“Nico & Nathan”), which is based on a powerful and moving true story; a new “Downton Abbey” type series, set in the 1940’s, loosely based on his Railroad magnate family history (“Stonehaven”); a “love lost/love found” reincarnation film that breaks new ground on the genre in a way that has never been done (“Until Forever”); and several other fully developed projects for Television, Film and Stage that include historical dramas, inspirational family films, and even a new Disney Princess animated movie musical. Henry also has developed several reality shows, and is always continuing to create and develop new projects.

With his company, Tenacity Artistic Productions, he hopes to open the door to creating promotional trailers for not only his own work, but also the work of other talented and deserving newcomers who have not yet been able to get their promising work into the hands of Agents, Studios and Producers. Just as Hollywood sells the public on new films and television series with well produced trailers, Henry believes that talented newcomers could have more immediate impact with their projects if their work can be seen, as opposed to just read.